Sironafur Creations

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When quotes are open for the service you want, fill out the form with the necessary information, and we should get back to you within a week with a price estimate. This does NOT mean that you are a commissioner, this is so you have an estimate of how much your project will cost, and an estimated completion date. If you decide the price and completion date is acceptable, please reply to the e-mail we sent you with the quote information. If a reference was not provided, we will ask for one, we'll discuss payment or a payment plan, any modifications compared to your reference, etc, then we can start! Please be able to set aside 30% of the quoted price before we order materials, and know if you'll be able to make the payments, or if we need to bump you back so you can catch up. Payment is done through Paypal, you do not need a Paypal account to use this if you have a card.

Send in a quote at any time during the window, and we will review them and get back to you with a quote after the window is closed.

What we need for a commission:
After you fill out a quote and it has been approved, reply to the e-mail that includes the quote we sent you. Depending on the project, we will need a DTD, head measurements, shoes (currently only slip-on shoes) that fit you, or a shoe size and a hand tracing. Hand tracings are preferred to be sent via mail along with a DTD if necessary, so we have an accurate physical tracing of your hand. Shoe size is what size shoe you wear, as well as the width of the widest point of your foot and a measurement from the heel to the toe is helpful, so we know how much to stuff the shoes, especially for heavier toony fursuit feet. If you can supply a pair of slip on shoes you can wear comfortably with socks, please send us the shoes! For head measurements, follow the diagram below:

The blue is the circumference of the forehead

The green is a measurement from the top & center of your head to the base of your neck

The red is a measurement from the point between your eyes to the end of the chin