Sironafur Creations

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to commission a costume, but I'm under 18. What can I do?

We can accept a commission through your parents, following the same steps as anyone else. For these situations, we'd want to talk with them, to make sure the parents know what they need before they start the payment process.

Do I need a reference sheet?

Yes! Unless its an artistic liberty fursuit, a reference sheet helps us know exactly what you want! If you can't commission a reference sheet, there are free to use templates online, that you can color yourself. Please color it digitally, as hand-colored references have too varied of colors to get an accurate swatch. We also accept screenshots if your project is from a show or video game, just make sure it's a front, back and side view.

How do I pay?

When quotes are open, you need to submit either of the forms with your request, and we will get back to you. Once we have agreed on a final price, I'll give you a completion date that works for you, then you can send your 30% deposit. The rest of the payment is due either before we begin working, or before shipping if you are using a payment plan.

What payment method do you accept?
We currently only accept paypal. All paypal fees are paid by us, as part of the contract with them, so you don't have to worry about that!

What if I can't pay for my costume?

If we have not purchased anything for your costume or prop, we will refund your deposit, minus any fees. If we already purchased materials or started your project, we will refund anything over the 30% deposit, and will alter/finish the project and sell it. 

Of course if you're simply having a hard time paying for your costume, just let us know! We can move you back in the queue until you are ready to pay for the rest of your project. This will change your completion date, but it will give you time to catch up.

What is a Duct Tape Dummy?

A Duct tape dummy (DTD) is a tape version of your body! This makes tailoring a body suit to your exact measurements possible. Just search online for a duct tape dummy tutorial, there are quite a few out there!

I have pet allergies. Do you have pets?
The suits may come into contact with dogs and cats.

How do I see out of the fursuits?
Because we do realistic and toony styles, this varies. For the realistic heads and the semi-realistic heads with resin eyes, you see out of the tear ducts. Vision is limited to directly in front of you. For toony and semi-realistic eyes with mesh, you see directly out of the eye. This allows for a wider field of vision, and better ventilation.

What do I wear under a fursuit or armor?
We recommend under armor or long sleeved sportswear. This helps keep your costume from getting sweaty and wet, and helps keep your skin from getting irritated buy the seams for the fursuit. If you are wondering what kind of underarmor to get, purchase a pair that is made to keep the sweat inside the armor. Otherwise your suit will get all soggy!

Do I need to supply shoes?
We recommend you supply SLIP ON SHOES that fit you snugly with socks on. If you cannot supply slip on shoes, please give us a shoe size and/or tracing and we will do our best to find a shoe that fits. If you need special shoes, please supply them.

Do you send progress pictures?
We do not automatically send progress images, unless requested by the client. We can send them to you privately, or post them on social media. <3

Can we do an unboxing video?
YES YES YES! We love seeing what you think of the costume!

I found material for a costume, can you use it?
In most cases we find material locally. Especially fur, there's a certain type of faux fur that feels soft; most other kinds of fur do not. Armor that we make sometimes has many layers and coatings, with different material to get the proper look. Unless we have difficulty finding what we want to use, we won't accept material from other people.

Are there safety hazards for any of your props/costumes?
As with anything, yes. Most of our props,except for heavy/big ones are made from wood. They are sanded down and polished, but you can still get whacked in the head with them! Armor with metal clasps can degrade and get sharp if not properly maintained, and items with fog/frost effects can and will get very hot. You can overhead very quickly in a fursuit, so proper hydration/ventilation, and knowing your limits is extremely important. We take as many steps as we can to prevent injury to the client, but it still is possible.

How long does a costume last?
A costume can last anywhere between 1 and 30+ years, depending on if it is well maintained, cleaned and fixed when necessary. Of course if you romp around in a costume, it will wear down faster, but feel free to ship it back to us for repairs at any time. All costumes and props can be repaired for free within the first year of purchasing it, excluding shipping costs one way. After that, repairs normally cost between $10-$50, depending on what needs to be done. Just let us know ahead of time with images of what needs to be fixed, so we can get the right materials.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

Sironafur Creations is owned and operated by Kayleen Jenkins, aka Nori. I strive to create the best quality custom mascot suits and costumes, and keep in contact with my clients. Creating wearable pieces of art (even if its almost like wearing a couch) is my passion, and I hope to bring your creations to life. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!


Sironafur Creations began very differently from what it is today. It used to be called Kayleen's Kloset (the name I use for my personal site nowadays) and I printed 8 year old doodles onto shirts, for schools mostly, and gave half the proceeds to Children's Hospital. Not much came of it, and it lay dormant for 10 years.

I started making costumes to wear at a local anime convention in Denver, Colorado in 2013. I quickly fell in love with sewing and making patterns, and I got my first sewing machine from my grandmother, a 1940-something Goodhousekeeper that weighs 73 pounds. I still use it for most of my sewing to this day, because it doesn't fuss as much when I sew heavy fabrics. ;)

I discovered the fursuit/furry fandom after going to the same anime convention in 2014. I ran into a fursuit photo-shoot, and knew I had to get me one of those! I did research, and realized I couldn't even purchase one without help for 2 more years. So I sat down, did a ton of research, and after 6 months, 7 yards of fur, countless amounts of trimming, and 26 needles later, I made my first fursuit; a resin-based bat-fox.... thing.

I learned a lot along the way, and I knew I wanted to make another one of Nori, my canine/sabertooth/hippogryph character. I finished the partial for her in about a month, deciding on a foam based head, and learning what worked and what didn't for the cute, starry-eyed fursuits!

It was then I decided to reach out and see if I could practice some more, having people send me their reference sheet and making partials for people. I wanted to change the name of my business, and settled on incorporating the goddess Sirona, who is a Celtic deity representing healing rivers, and her companion was a dog. I love the water and I love dogs, so I thought it'd be a perfect fit. 

Eventually I created this website, where I hope to create and inspire others to do the same, with costumes, props and fursuits.