Sironafur Creations

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These prices are not final. They are a rough estimate. Submit a quote for a more accurate price range for your project.
Payment plans are offered on projects over 300 USD. Please visit the 'Commissions' tab for more info.

We offer LED's for all suit types. If you would like them on any part of the suit, please include where or what in the additional comments in the quote.

Head Only


From toony foam, to semi-realistic, to realistic resin-based heads. 

Includes a balaclava, a brush and a hand-drawn badge.

Legs only (plantigrade or digitigrade)


From toony digitigrade, to realistic digitigrade to plantigrade. Edges are lined.

If you want legs to go with your partial (IE a 'half suit'), please select a halfsuit in the quote form.

Includes a brush.

Handpaws, Feetpaws, Armsleeves, Tails, Wings, etc

Handpaws $80+, Feetpaws $100+, Armsleeves $50+, Tails $50+, Wings $100+

These are listed on our Etsy store!

We are working on listing orders for fursuit parts on our Etsy, however if you don't see something you want on our online store, feel free to send us an email at for a quote!

 Please visit for listings!

Partials, Halfsuits and Extended Partials

$750+(partials) - $900+(halfsuits and extended partials)

A fursuit that you can wear with pants and a shirt, still giving you the mobility you need! Toony, semi-realistic, and realistic styles. 

Includes a balaclava, brush, and a hand-drawn badge.

Artistic Liberty Fursuit (Heads, All Partials, and Fullsuits) 

Heads $350+, Partials $600+, Fullsuits $1,100+

If you have a species in mind but don't know the colors, we can help pick them for you! We will work with you to decide what colors you may want, what expression, and what style. If you don't have a reference and can't find a free lineart, we can draw a template for you for $50.

Includes a balaclava, brush, and a hand-drawn badge of your new design!

Plantigrade/minimal padding Fullsuit


A full furry costume, without much padding. Feet are slightly wider at the toes than your normal shoes, with the toes facing forward. Legs can be made bigger to have a more toony effect.

Includes a balaclava, brush, and a hand-drawn badge.

Digitigrade Fullsuit


For the brave souls who want to walk around wearing a couch fursuit with the illusion of digitigrade legs. Feet are wide to sell the digitigrade illusion, so you might need to learn how to walk again!

Includes a balaclava, brush, and a hand drawn badge.