Sironafur Creations

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Terms of Service

Deposit: We require a non-refundable deposit of 30% of your total quoted price. (If your project is $2000, your deposit would be $600). Once you send in the initial deposit, in no circumstances will the deposit be refunded if you were to cancel the commission in the future. We require full materials cost paid before supplies are purchased (detailed in invoice form). The 30% down payment is included with total materials cost.

Payment Plans : Payment plans, if necessary, need to be arranged prior to deposit. Our PayPal invoices allow any amount to be paid at any time, however the above deposit information still applies (i.e we will not put you on our queue until the 30% deposit is paid, we will not order materials until the material cost is paid, etc) You are more than welcome to pay your total in full at any time.

Payment Due: The complete cost must be paid before items get shipped or delivered. Our progress is not affected by how much you put toward your payment, unless we have a rush order or Etsy items that we do in between. After contact has been made regarding completion and the project is shipped out, no refunds will be available, but we can make accommodations and repair/alter if need be.

Abandonment: If you do not contact Sironafur Creations within 60 days of suit completion, we will assume you have abandoned your project, and we will hold it for 4 months. If 4 months have passed and we have not heard from you, you forfeit your deposit and any amount you have put into the project and we will reserve the right to sell it.

Completion Dates: Completion dates are not set in stone, but we will do our best to meet them. Costume making is a side job for us, and progress will vary depending on how much time we have available. We do not rush our work, so specific con dates might not be met, but as stated above, we will try our best to meet them.

Duct Tape Dummy: We require a Duct Tape Dummy for a fullsuit or a heavily armored or tightly fitted costume. A tutorial can be found here. A good bodysuit will only be as good as its dummy. Also, if you plan or think you're going to lose / gain any weight, please wait to make your DTD until you are done with your change. It is important that the duct tape dummy is an accurate representation of your body, so when you get your project, it fits. We also may need head measurements, hand measurements, and shoe measurements where necessary. We will ask for these with instructions after we have agreed on a final design. Hand tracings must be sent via mail, so we can have an accurate measurement.

Age: All customers must be at least 18 years of age before sending any payments. If under 18, a parent or guardian must contact us before we can accept a commission.

Last minute changes: Once construction starts, we will not accept any changes to your design, unless it is alterations to a piece we have not started working on. Any time before then we can accept added colors, markings or special requests, but keep in mind this can alter the price and completion time.

Shipping: Shipping is estimated and included with the quoted price that stays within the contiguous United States. We usually ship with FedEx or USPS and require a signature upon delivery.

Additional fees may be applied to international shipping. We will ship any international carrier that you request, if possible. Our default is FedEx or USPS where applicable. Once the package leaves the United States, we are no longer responsible for it. Always check with your local laws and customs department before having something mailed to your country. Also, be patient! Large packages tend to get held up in customs. Delays in international shipping are beyond our control.

Concept Art: We require a fully digital colored reference sheet or 3-perspective turnaround of your reference before we begin working, or a series of screencaps showing all parts of your character. For a quote, we can work with a well detailed written description.

Contract: Anything agreed upon by both parties in writing, including email, is a binding contract. By accepting a commission from Sironafur Creations, you agree upon all terms of service. Sironafur Creations stores digital copies of all communication for our records, and we advise you to do the same.

Revised 5/15/19